Just Another Hilux Day

Tough on the outside, comfortable on the inside, the Toyota Hilux gets the job done. We joined Shaun O'Keefe and the team at Treehogs; as they used a winch fitted to their Hilux, to pull down trees at a customer's property.


If you wonder where the new Hilux gets its strength from, it’s simple: this remarkable pick-up is designed first and foremost as a workhorse, with a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes. While engine torque has been increased, the cooling performance of both engine and transmission have also been improved for effortless towing.

Shaun told us that the hard working pick up is perfect for commercial work. "The Toyota Hilux has been a superb addition to our business. I know that I can rely on the truck's off road capabilities, when we need to be able to access trees on a site like this, that we would otherwise struggle to get to. The service that we receive from Lindop Toyota is excellent. They are a very friendly team and are always happy to help."

Building on its legendary strength and reliability, the Hilux frame and body structure have been redesigned to ensure toughness, while a stronger, wider under-body now offers greater protection. In fact, all the components of the Hilux are made to withstand the most rigorous tests. The new frame also contributes to improved handling and ride comfort, working hand-in-hand with the new suspension and the newly designed gear ratios. To help you get through challenging environments, you can always rely on Active Traction Control (A-TRC) and the rear differential lock to ensure optimal traction. All these refinements add to Hilux’s unique sense of effortless driving, on or off-road.


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